who is taylor martin?

this series is a collection of images of myself modeled after iconic uses of self in postmodern performance and photography. in this series, my intent was to use these archeatypes of self in an attempt to explore possible images of myself as an artist. these images are not necessarily meant to be strict reproductions of the works they are modeled after. instead, the whole conception of the series lies in the differences between my images and the originals. the series revolves around a notion of nomadic subjectivity, or that the idea of identity is not fixed, but instead a sort of series of facades projected onto an external, fixed image. the series is also meant to be a sort of internal dialogue about the idea of the artist as it's own archeatype of self. as artists we are expected to have a list of other artists who we get behind as a way to validate our own practices. for me, making these images was a way of internalizing as well as questioning this idea.