so sorry, it's been so long.

blogspot is not letting me upload images. why is this so?

what i've been working on recently:

-just finished up a video installation called "where ae you going". it was basically me taking footage as i walked around memphis, mostly at night. i took the video and chopped it into tiny pieces, and rearranged it so that fragments repeated a lot/ i really like surrealist film, so that's where all this came from. i installed the video as a projection in a hallway. it was projected from the floor, up onto a bunch of cheesecloth that i suspended overhead. it was supposed to be about the place everyday activity hold in memory, and visually recreates the process i go through in actually trying to remember events i've forgotten. i think it worked pretty well. the critique was good. everyone's critique was good. we're all so good.

-working on a series of drawings. i'm trying to get back to where i used to be with my drawing skills. i miss it. most of the drawings are pretty minimal. i did a lot of scratchy portraits from old photographs and combined them with text. i'll show you these soon. i promise.

-proposals, proposals, proposals. i think i'm much better at proposing ideas then actually following through with them. i'll write you a proposal if you want. only $20. it's a good deal.

next up:

- a new series of photographs (i'm actually going to print them this time) dealing with how everyday routine becomes ritual and hence personal mythology.

here is the only image i could get to upload. the images for the new series will be modeled after these.

-more drawings

-pretty work for the holiday bazaar, on the cheap.

OH YEAH!!!!!

i have a show coming up at what will be a space called "petroleum" at the powerhouse.it's a new room they're building for quote emerging artists unquote. this will be going up either at the very end of this year or early next year. no dates yet. they actually have to finish building the space first. i might be showing at the same time as the world famous R. Dijkstra, which ii'm way too excited about.

and i'm proposing to do a big installation at vini in the summer of next year, which i'm excited about. i'm going to try and get a grant to do it so maybe you won't have to pay to come.

that's all i think i have for now.

hope al is well,