this is a series of six digital collages. the collages were made from xeroxes of found family photographs on top of tracing paper, where i then added drawing of maps, and diagrams about genetics and genealogy. the drawn elements are meant to reference the associations i make with the photographs. the collages were layered on top of eachother and scanned, flattened, and made into what you see here.

the series deals with the reoccurring theme of memory in my work. i see the project being largely process-oriented in it's conception. most of my work deals with me somehow trying to place myself within one complex matrix of history or another. this is the same. the process of construction is meant to reference me trying to piece together a history, that even though it is close to me, i don't know too much about.

right now, the collages are about 9x13" printed on 17x22" paper. Ideally, i think they would be around 30x40 inches.