this is what i have done so far on my newest series. i'm calling it "Beauty and Truth: Volume One, or :In Process of Searching for what You Can't Find"". It's going to be printed in a large format (pages 13x11") landscape book along with essays and conversations about image perception. these are loosely about visual language, borrowing from the languages of classical painting and contemporary film. they are meant to embody narrative both as single images and when looked at together. it also looks at how the communication of the image is altered when combined with text. they are not predefined narratives, instead i was trying to be as ambiguous as possible to leave the narratives open-ended. i'm using a vatiety of locations, props, and staging elements in order to bring to mind as many connotations as possible. i'm trying to make narratives loosely based on the melodrama of everyday life, or making mundane situations seem overly dramatic. i hope it works.